Lighthouse Baptist Church
“Rescue the Perishing” 

Meet our Pastor and his Wife

  Pastor Bruce Rosko was Saved just prior joining the  U.S. Army in October 1979. In December of 1981, he met the love of his life, Sue while serving in South Korea. Pastor and Mrs. Rosko were married in June of 1982. Mrs. Rosko was the first one in her Korean village to become a Christian.P

Pastor Rosko was planning to make the Military a career until God called him to preach in 1990. In July of 1992, while a member of Rheinland Baptist Church in Kindsbach, Germany, Pastor Rosko surrendered to God’s calling to preach. In May of 1996, Pastor Rosko graduated Trinity Baptist College and was ordained into the Gospel ministry.

While stationed in Korea as a soldier, the Roskos had developed a deep burdened for the U.S. Military in South Korea. This burden confirmed the Lord’s direction to serve as Missionaries to the U.S. Military in South Korea. Pastor and Mrs. Rosko were accepted by Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples in 1996. After a year and nine months on deputation, the Rosko family arrived in South Korea in July of 1998. Shortly after their arrival on the mission field, Pastor and Mrs. Rosko started Lighthouse Baptist Church.

Pastor and Mrs. Rosko have been married for 42 years and have three daughters, Melanie, Michelle and Grace. They also have been blessed with seven grandchildren, Victory (Tori), Aiden, Joseph, Linda-Scarlett, Desmond Bruce, Lilah, and Evangeline Mercy.2

Beliefs and Declaration of Faith

Section 1.  The Scriptures We believe the Scripture of the Old and New Testament to be the verbally inspired Word of God, the final authority for faith, life, and Church establishment, inerrant in the original writings. The King James Version of the Bible shall be the official and only English-language translation used by Lighthouse Baptist Church. (2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:20-21, Psalm 12:6-7.)  

Section 2.   The Godhead We believe in one God and Creator of all and literal interpretation of the Genesis account of Creation. We believe God eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I John 5:7  A. God the Father: We believe in God the Father, perfect in Holiness, boundless in love, infinite in wisdom, measureless in power. We believe that He concerns Himself mercifully with the affairs of men; that He hears and answers prayers; and that He saves from sin and death all who come to Him through Jesus Christ, His Son. Exodus 20:2-3, John 4:24.  B. The Person and work of Christ: We believe that Jesus Christ is the Eternal, only begotten Son of God; equal in nature, yet submissive in duties. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. He is sinless, and by His substitutionary death He paid for the sins of the whole world. We believe in His Bodily resurrection, ascension, and pre-tribulational, pre-millennial return. John 3:16, Phil 2:6-7, Luke 1:26-35, II Cor, 5:21, I Jn 2:2, I Cor. 15:3-4, I Thes. 4:13, Rev. 20:1-10.  C. The Person and work of the Holy Spirit: We believe in the personal ministry of the Holy Spirit in our conviction and salvation, John 16:7-11 that He indwells at the moment of Salvation. Rom. 8:9 that He fills as we submit our lives to Him. Eph. 5:18. and that the proof of Spirit filling is the Fruit of the Spirit not speaking in tongues. Gal.5:22-23. 

Section 3.    The Doctrine of Salvation: We believe that man was created in the image of God, but by choice fell into sin and death. We believe that the gift of eternal life is bestowed upon the believing sinner totally by God’s Grace and apart from human works. Eph 2:8-9 We believe that the inseparable components of repentance and faith are involved in the Salvation of the soul, whereby man turns from sin and trusts Christ for salvation. Acts 20:21,We believe in the eternal security of a believer’s relationship to God. John 10:27-29 We believe heaven and hell are the respective eternal abodes of the saved and lost. John3:36, 5:29, I John 5:12 

Section 4.    The Doctrine of the Church: We believe that the Church consists of an assembly of Baptized believers who have united together for the express purposes of evangelism, edification, fellowship, discipleship, instruction, and worship. We believe that the officers of the Church are Scripturally qualified pastors and deacons. I Tim. 3. and the ordinances of baptism and Communion. Matt. 28:19, I Cor. 11:26. These ordinances are memorial not saving. We believe that Church government should be conducted in the form of a Theocratic Republic. Hebrews 13:7&17 and as Spiritual leaders and servants, pastors and deacons, are accountable to God, one another, and the Local Church. We believe that the concept of a Church being under the authority of a denomination is foreign to Scripture. 

Section 5.    Standard of Christian Behavior We believe that as Christians we should seek to become more Christ-like in our manner of life daily. In being like Christ we must learn to abstain from all appearance of evil, avoiding any behavior or activity which would cause a weaker brother to stumble, or be offended, and at all times seeking to walk worthy of the Christian life to which we have been called. II Pet. 3:11, I Thess. 5:22, Rom. 14:21 Eph. 4:1, II Cor. 5:20. 

Section 6.   Satan We believe in the reality and personality of Satan. Isaiah 14:12-14 

Section 7.   Church and State/Government: We believe that the Church and State/Government are separate God-Ordained institutions, having different functions, and should remain free from the diction or patronage of each other.


At Lighthouse you can expect us to…

Present the Gospel so that all might be saved and none should perish. We accomplish this through soul winning, and the preaching and teaching of the God’s Word in our services.

Bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

Build up God’s people to be more Christ like. Building the spiritual lives of our people is accomplished in upholding Biblical truths and true doctrine.


Directions and Contact Info

Conveniently located in Pyeongtaek, just outside of the Camp Humphreys walk out gate!
Sunday Services
Sunday School-10AM
Sunday Morning Service-11AM
Midweek Service
Wednesday Night-7PM
Office Telephone: 031-691-1722, from the states: 011-82-31-691-1722
Church Address: Camp Humphreys, 3 Anjeong Shopping-ro Peangseongeup Pyeongtaek, Kyung-ki-Do, South Korea 451-800 (map)

Korean Translation

 Reaching out to our local community is just as important as the military community. That is why Lighthouse recognizes the need for a Korean interpreter. At Lighthouse Baptist Church, the English service is simultaneously translated into the Korean language via an interpreter through headphones.